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Aiming to provide access to all of our tours for all by 2027

We have witnessed major changes throughout our time of being in the travel business.

COVID-19 really changed everything! We realised very quickly that our core markets (business, cruise, groups) would take longer to return after the pandemic and set out to create condumer brands for individual travellers to enjoy tours to Newcastle and the wider North East of England.

What COVID has also done is make us more aware of our travellers and their potential needs. 

Not all Disabilities are visible

16 million people in the UK have a disability – that’s nearly one in four of us. Many of our existing customers potentially have an impairment or a disability, but these are not always visible or disclosed.

We aim to be inclusive on all of our tours by 2027 – this also includes our more adventurous tour experiences, walking tours, vehicle tours and multi-day vacations/holidays. 

Staff training plays a major role in the delivery of this and, from 2024, we are providing accessibility awareness training to all our tourist guides.

Our passionate tourist guides

Constantly Updating Our Accessibility Guide

It has only been very recent that we have created our first Accessibilty Guide.

This is an everchanging and constantly updating guide to show how our tours are delivered and how our customers can understand if the tour fits.

We are also able to adapt most of our tours to fit around any disability or accessibilty needs.

Explore the night sky

Working hard with our partners to deliver

We would like to ensure that all of our partners and suppliers apply the same processes we are beginning to adopt to make tours more accessible and give our guests the best experiences whatever their needs.

This does take time however we are committed to providing access throughout our tour provisions.

We are also working closely with Visit Britain and their team to provide the best experience for our visitors.



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