The most northerly Roman legacy & frontier, enjoy several forts, stunning countryside, amazing history brought to life & some beautiful little villages to uncover…

Why not book a hiking trip along the Wall with us or test yourself on your bike! Hadrian’s Wall can easily be explored in a day (in parts) but immersing yourself here is the way to go… Spend the time and experience.

Hadrian's Wall tour; Roman Frontier


Did you know that we offer a whole host of guided tour experiences along Hadrian’s Wall? We can pick you up at the cruise terminal or hotel and whisk you straight into Roman Britain.

If you have more time in the North East England region, we can take you on a hike of part or all of this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The choice is yours – we even offer eco-friendly tours which only include public transport (and your feet!).

We also offer custom tours to provide you with your perfect tour experience on Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Britain. It is a fascinating place and worth exploring in detail if that floats your boat!

North East England


Taking over 6 years to build, the wall boasted 80 milecastles, 17 larger forts and a defensive earthwork, the Vallum, to the south (and a more V-shaped ditch to the north).

The Roman frontier does not just comprise of Hadrian’s Wall, however, but, also the older structures that pre-date the wall along the Stanegate and the Roman roads leading north.  

Hadrian's Wall tour; Roman Frontier


There are many museums & forts that will tell stories and give you insights – some of our favourites are Vindolanda Roman Fort & Roman Army Museum, Housesteads Roman Fort, Binchester, Chester Fort & Museum, Great North Museum in Newcastle or Arbeia fort in South Shields.

More than that discover ancient artefacts and parts of Roman England on many of our walks and in quite hidden places along the wall…

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We work with partners across the UK and can advise & put you in touch with true experts on Roman heritage or create a custom tour to the major Roman sites within the country.

These can include Bath (Roman Baths), Antonine Wall, Museum of London, Chester, Cirencester or Bignor Roman Villa. 

Take a look at our sister website Northern Secrets for some multi-day trips to the very best Roman sites in Britain.


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